Interior Design

Just as with Landscape Design, Interior Design is, for me, art. It is no different from a client requesting a commission piece. I need to meet with the client, understand their needs, likes & wants, and look at the space intended. Sometimes, I also need to say when something is either not practical or possible – honestly is what makes my work stand out. I would rather NOT be hired than do a job I know will not work in the space, with the light, or with the client’s lifestyle.

By combining my mathematical skills, and my accounting background, with my artistic abilities, I can create something functional, beautiful, sustainable, and affordable – always aiming to be within, or under if possible, the proposed budget.

I have slowly also started to create wonderful contacts in the industry, focusing as much as possible on Australian brands, local manufacturers & fellow artists. And with my small Team of Tradespeople, I can create your design, and if you wish, take it from concept to mood boards, to implementation – structural work & furnishing included.

My personal style does not impact your personal taste – you’ll get EXACTLY what you want, regardless of your taste is Modern, Contemporary, Hamptons, Country, Rustic, Mid-Century, or any mixed combination – we will work together to create your dream room, office, home or getaway.

Below is a kitchen design I did for a country property where the Client wanted a simple kitchen as it was a holiday home, but wanted to see the design in several 3D colour and material options.

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