To me, Landscape Design is like painting, but instead of canvas and paints, I use a yard or balcony and plants and pots, and I’m the artist to make magic out of soils, clay pots and foliage.

Interior design is more like writing a fictional story. I know the ‘characters’ – the building and rooms, their size, the light coming in, the intent of each room, and I know the basic plot – the style the homeowner/ business owner wants. It’s my job to bring everything together so that each room flows to the next, much like each chapter builds on the previous one.

My design style is a little unique, some might say ‘old school’ because I don’t use computer generated design software. Don’t get me wrong, some of the software out this is awesome, and trust me, I was tempted! However, I like the idea of walking in the area, taking actual measurements, and physically DRAWING my design, both to scale and artist impressions.

Because I work this way, I only work in Melbourne and/or greater Victoria. It’s old-school sure, but it’s also very personal, with the client and myself forming a kind of design bond, collaborating and making beauty out of blank walls and empty garden beds.

I can create anything you wish, however I am most drawn to rambling, natural looking gardens, edible urban gardens and cottage-style gardens.

I don’t do artificial turf, or artificial plants, and I don’t do plastic liners – sorry Nope! We have enough plastic in this world, let’s not add to it where it’s completely unnecessary.

This page will be a visual of some of my actual before/after designs.

If you live in Victoria and would like discuss your design needs, head over to the Contact Us Page and drop me a line 😊

And don’t think your job is too big or too small. I worked on a quick re-do of a balcony, no more than 1m x 3m and am currently completing a project worth over $6,000 – the canvas can be large or small; I’m still interested.