Cooking – How to impress with less Stress

Not everyone has the time, or frankly, the interest, to create gourmet meals or stellar cakes with rainbows and flowing caramel fountains. This segment isn’t about ‘how to’ bake & then decorate your own 5-tier wedding cake. This segment is about handy hints and easy step-by-step guides (with recipes) on how to make your own sauces, or jams, or pickled vegetables. Yummy treats you can enjoy and things you can easily make, store and gift; especially as housewarming or Christmas basket gifts.

And I’m here to tell you, make your own sweet chilli sauce or BBQ sauce and bring it to the next BBQ… your friends will be impressed and you’ll look like a hero.

The photo here is of my Winter Larder. Everything within this photo, from Tomato Sauce to Preserved Lemons, I’ve made, and make, every year, with simple ingredients you likely already have in your pantry, and no major equipment. If you have a set of scales, some glass jars, a few saucepans and bowls, a ladle, a few spoons, and a blender; you’re pretty much set to make everything I will be updating.

So… start saving your glass jars with secure lids.

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