Hi & Welcome

I’m one of those people who actually NEEDS 100 different things/projects happening; all at once – I wouldn’t say I thrive on it; as I do feel stress – however I prefer stress to anxiety.

You see, I tend to get bored easily.

I’ve had numerous positions in more than a few different industries and professions; and almost without fail, I have moved on at around the 2-3 year period.

I’ve been in and out of Uni a lot also.

I’ve moved house way too many times.

I’ve lived in Europe and (obviously) Australia.

Aside from my accounting background, I’ve tried my hand at Real Estate, Farming, Food/Restaurant industry, Hospitality… yep; sadly the list actually does go on.

My point is, I’ve dabbled and dipped my toe in a lot of professions & on two continents … and it’s taken a really long time to discover I’m basically designed to be a “Jack of all Trades” – and to accept that’s OK.

The upside of that is I have a wealth of knowledge, both traditionally acquired and learned through experience and practise.

I’ve always been a bit of a wordsmith; something I’m eternally grateful to my parents for, as they immersed me in so many cultures, so many ‘isms’ and an almost endless supply of challenging reads and topics.

As for the visual art side of things – I’m going to sound silly here, but I’ve never had a ‘real’ art lesson in my life. I did take several months (at different times) of classes on technique, but my skill in drawing comes from within. So does my, as some would say, arrogance, to believe in me.

After giving up accounting as a profession, and distancing myself from the almost stereotypical ‘CBD Business Executive living in a CBD apartment’ – the transition wasn’t easy. I have gone from spending $1000s (seriously) on 2-3 pairs of shoes, to spending less than that on my car; but, after some very real soul searching, a bit of reflection and the odd really bad day or two; I’m happy; genuinely happy, with my little life.

This website is more than just a way for you to discover my talents and services. I hope it’s also away for those of you who are considering what I call “a soul-free change” to make their own little pocket of happiness.

I hope I get to know you all very soon 🙂