Some examples of my Artwork

Hi there,

I’ll be updating this page with new pieces as I make them (in batches). All my art is for sale, please message me for a price (& the cost of postage/freight) Some pieces are smaller & some are quite large. The largest piece currently is 1.2m x 1.2x – which is the poppy painting (oil) under the blue sky.

I have more pieces than I’ve added below, and will, with time, organise them better & into groups, with sizes. But for now, I hope you like what I’ve been producing!

All three here are oil on canvas

The two peacocks in the cherry tree are oil on canvas, while the single peacock and the pansy (both framed) are watercolour paintings.

1st Poppy painting is a large oil on canvas, the 2x framed are both watercolours.

2x small sunflower paintings & 1xlarger lamb in apple orchard, all oil on canvas.

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